你已经决定利用林地nd invest in a portable sawmill, allowing you to build some farm infrastructure or offer your milled wood products for sale. Perhaps providing sawmill services to other woodlot owners is part of your plan, and the ability to take the sawmill off-site, possibly to remote locations, is important.

There are a variety of mills on the market, and understanding how to make the most of your investment means deciding which features best suit your needs.

Hud - 儿子森林设备的Theresa Maida(http://www.hud-son.com.)建议首先向自己询问你对锯木厂的期望。

密苏里州帕特赫普空洞树农场和锯木厂经理David Boyt提供了一系列基本考虑因素:木材的类型和尺寸铣削;你想要制作的产品;工厂是否主要用于收入或个人使用;所需的支撑设备(拖车,卡车,带前端装载机的拖拉机);使用方便;以及基础上方和超出基础知识的所需功能。


The selection process

The first step in the sawmill selection process is knowing the diameter and length of the logs you’ll be cutting; the quantity of logs; the types of wood; and the location of the lumber. If you select a model with more capacity than you need, you might not get a good return on your investment. Conversely, if you choose one that can’t handle the load, the job won’t be easy.

迈克Spadaro,Hud-Son Forest Equipment的销售经理问道,“这厂是您正在使用的东西,为您的个人需求,或者您可以看,也许是为了商业用途和锯为别人?”

Wood-Mizer (http://www.woodmizer.com.)在20世纪80年代初的开创性的便携式锯木厂,引入了通过日志水平通过带轴锯片的概念来制造板。概念今天仍然是相同的,薄kerf刀片允许锯片从木材中获得更多的木材,而不是圆锯垃圾的锯末浪费。



“They are practical for cutting large beams, such as railroad ties on a production basis, and are generally faster than band mills, but require three to four times the horsepower, waste more wood due to the wider kerf, and even the ‘portable’ circular mills are heavy and difficult to move,” Boyt noted. “Finally, most of the used ones on the market were built before safety was considered an issue. Many sawyers have lost fingers, hands and even their life to the exposed spinning blade.”

Peterson Portable Sawmills (http://www.petersonsawmills.com.), based in New Zealand, is said to have introduced the first swing-blade circular saw model to the portable market. These mills use a circular saw that can swing from a horizontal to a vertical position, offering increased productivity. This type of mill is designed for large-diameter logs and is portable. According to Boyt, the swing-blade mills are excellent for cutting logs over 30 inches in diameter, particularly when cut for dimensional lumber. However, they don’t do well on smaller-diameter logs.

“Swing-blade mills are interesting machines. They use a smaller circular blade. The log is stationary, and the engine and blade travel down a track. The blade only cuts into the log for the desired width of the board during one pass down the log, then rotates 90 degrees to cut the thickness of the board on the return pass,” Boyt explained. “Consider a swing-blade mill, especially if you will be producing standard sizes of lumber for construction, fencing, trailer decking and railroad ties.”

Another portable sawmill option is a chain saw mill. Typically the simplest and least expensive option, they’re usually recommended for limited use, remote locations, and portability by ATV or boat, and are limited to milling smaller logs. Norwood Industries’ (http://www.norwoodsawmills.com) PortaMill, for example, is designed for use with a basic chain saw as the saw head and a household extension ladder as the sawmill track.


Just the basics?


The basic mill is manually operated. Boyt said, “These mills rely on muscle power to load and turn the logs.” The manual option saves money, but consider the output you need.

The height of the mill bed can vary by model and manufacturer. If the mill bed is waist-high, manually lifting the logs can be strenuous. Available options may include a winch to raise the logs, while some companies offer a hydraulic lift option. Low beds require bending to handle the logs and lumber and may not be a comfortable fit for some.

Other add-ons can provide the ability to mill longer log lengths. Debarkers clean up the log before each cut, helping to keep blades sharper longer. Adding features such as power feed systems, rollers, sawdust removal systems and log decks can keep things running smoothly.

“Anything to take the work out of milling and increase production will help increase the bottom line,” Boyt said. “Debarker, board drag-back, toe rollers/log leveler and power clamps speed up production. Hydraulic log handling will increase output by about 50 percent and decrease your physical workload dramatically.”

特纳磨机(http://www.turnermills.com.)液压型号提供液压反向杆,Log Loaders,Locking Jack,电源头升降机,液压控制器和遥控器,不会干扰板处理。HUD-SOO提供带液压和日志处理功能的选项,便于使用。诺伍德提供了一种型号,最初可以购买作为手动机器,并以后用液压系统升级。


Maida said farmers should consider where the sawmill will be stored. Compact, lightweight models can be rolled into a barn or garage. Fuel use is another consideration. Portable sawmills operate on gas, diesel or electric power. Some models are powered by PTO (power takeoff) from a farm tractor.


“Ease of use, ease of repair, and availability of repair services” are factors to consider before making a purchase, Spadaro said. “Local dealers can help you learn your mill and offer demos.”

Having a warranty on the mill and the motor, as well as the shaft and bearings, is another consideration. Services such as blade sharpening are also available through some companies. No matter which brand or model you choose, adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations on lubrication, part replacement and proper mill use will keep your portable sawmill in top condition.